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Is it worth sharpening cheap knives?

May 19, 2021 3 min read

Is it worth sharpening cheap knives?

This must be one of the most common questions we get asked here at Knife Sharp. You have a kitchen drawer full of cheap knives that are all blunt and chipped and rather than get them sharpened you are thinking of throwing them away and spending money on new ones. Well stop right there! We can make those cheap knives as sharp as most expensive knives…

Quality Steel

Cheap knives are often made from decent quality stainless steel, while it may not be the fancy high carbon, hardened steel found on more expensive knives good quality stainless steel still takes a great edge and can be sharpened to be extremely sharp.

Edge Preparation

The main reason cheap knives are cheap is due to the fact the cutting edge is machine created and finished in bulk at a very fast rate at a production line factory. This is to keep manufacturing costs low. So, while the steel may be of good quality the cutting edge is going to be very rough and not very sharp at all. This is where we come in! We can take your cheap knives and professionally hand sharpen them to make it as sharp as an expensive one. This will transform your old, cheap knives into something that will be a joy to use.

Sharp Knife = Safe Knife

The saying “A sharp knife is a safe knife” rings true and you are much more likely to slip and cut yourself with a knife that is blunt. Having to force a blunt knife through ingredients while cooking is the number one cause of accidents in the kitchen. A sharp knife, no matter if it's cheap or expensive is much safer as it cuts without excess force.

Old Faithful!

We all have a favourite knife in the kitchen, and sometimes our favourite is an old batted up cheap knife, that just feels so good in the hand! Now, you don’t want to throw that away, send it to us so we can transform it and make it much sharper than the day you bought it.

Less Waste

No one wants to contribute to landfill, and we all need to play our part in looking after our environment. By having your cheap knives sharpened and repaired by us you are not only keeping your knives out of landfill, but you are also reducing consumption and waste from the manufacturing of new knives by not buying new knives. A win-win situation!

Serrated Knives

While most cheap serrated knives can be sharpened and made to be as sharp as more expensive serrated knives, micro serrated knives cannot be sharpened. These are recognised by the sharp jagged cutting edge. These types of serrations are not designed to be sharpened and sadly we can’t sharpen them for you, but we can convert the knife to a plain edge knife if you prefer, see here for more details.

In conclusion, it is most definitely worth sharpening your cheap knives, and here at Knife Sharp we can get them sharper than they were when new due to our professional hand sharpening process. So, dig out all the blunt and damaged knives in your kitchen drawer and get them sent off to us to give them a new lease of life.

Stay Sharp!

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